Nothing Hidden Ministries

SLW Testimony: “I’m Jesus’s First Pick”

“Over lies and experiences in my life, I believed that I was never a man’s first pick. I was second best or maybe third best, but never first. Through Single Life Workshop, I broke off these lies and got the truth spoken over me that I am the number one choice. I feel beautiful, sexy, chosen, gor

SLW Testimony: “I Don’t Have To Be Afraid”

“Because of my past, I somehow connect ‘having a crush on someone’ as a shameful thing. So I always feel punished and confused, and I feel like I have to hide. When my team prayed with me [at Single Life Workshop], I felt dark clouds above me. Then God showed me His umbrella is so big that He can

SLW Testimony: Creating A New Standard

“I had a fear that no one would fully accept me and love me for who I am. Once I open up more and share my past, I’ll be rejected or the other person will leave. [At Single Life Workshop], I shared my testimony with my small group (being the only male among a group of women). Instead of being met

LAM Testimony: The Power Of Forgiveness

“We came [to Love After Marriage] seeking to re-establish connection (spiritually, emotionally, sexually). We also wanted tools to strengthen and grow connection. We got all this. We came away with oneness and weapons to fight and tools to grow. Every session and every activity brought change an

LAM Testimony: “We Felt Out Of Control And Powerless To Change…”

“He has wrecked the old man version of our marriage. We have been slaves to pornography, we were burned out, desperately trapped in a spinning ball. We felt out of control and powerless to change – because we had tried so many times but kept ending up back in the mire. For me personally, this was my

SLW Testimony: New Confidence, Joy and Hope!

“I’m thankful for the booklet of tools. I’m thankful for my God-given group [at Single Life Workshop] who listened to Holy Spirit and broke off generational curses from my Filipino culture. I am set free from shame, fear, perfectionism, performance and lies surrounding my sexuality and identity. I

SLW Testimony: “I Saw Jesus Washing Away This Feeling…”

“One thing that I’ve struggled with for a while is this fear that a guy wouldn’t want to marry me because I’m getting too strong as I step more into leadership. I felt like I’m going to be a bad wife because it was hard for me to respect a man as a potential husband. I always subconsciously though

SLW Testimony: “I Celebrated Truly Being Myself”

“At first I felt disappointment about no worship and not sure if I’ll learn since I already attended a lot of single workshops/classes before. But I was surprised by how well the Holy Spirit worked in this [Single Life Workshop] and how vulnerable I could be and how powerful it was to be opened up.

LAM Testimony: Living With Nothing Hidden Restores Trust and Connection

“Coming into the [Love After Marriage] workshop, we had been struggling for a year with communication. We had been married for twenty-six years but still had many moments that we just got real angry with each other. Even the week before we came we had a huge fight, and I wondered if we should even

LAM Testimony: Secrets Shared, Trust Restored

“I came [to Love After Marriage] with a secret that was eating a hold inside me that I knew I needed to let out. I had no idea how it would be received, but once I was here, not only did I reveal it, but I discovered the reason behind it. Exposing it in the Holy Spirit’s Presence was the best thin

SLW Testimony: “I Can’t, But God Can”

“I came [to Single Life Workshop] still struggling with masturbation through the Lord has told me that He doesn’t want me to do it. Each time I feel I’ve recovered, a moment in time would resurface, and I would submit to my flesh. I have no problem confessing my sins to Godly, safe friends or heck

SLW Testimony: Being Vulnerable In A Safe Place

“I just can’t believe the connection we found within my small group [at Single Life Workshop]. I was able to break the lie that I couldn’t connect with people, and now I can safely say I have five more connections – which is crazy because it took me twenty-nine years to gain one connection, and thr

SLW Testimony: “God Imparted Eternity Into My Heart”

“In the [Single Life Workshop] discussion and prayer time on shame, it came up again that I still had some sorrow and shame over being older and not married and in particular that I would never have my body in its prime to give to my husband. I had already grieved this loss some, but there was stil

LAM Testimony: “We Found Each Other Again”

“Eighteen years in and four children later, we really reached a place of emptiness and emotional absence in our marriage. It was really only a sense of duty to keep the family together that felt like the remaining piece of what we once had.[Love After Marriage] has been truly transformational. We

LAM Testimony: Experiencing Rivers of Love

“I came into this [Love After Marriage] workshop with my wife not really sure what to expect. I had very nervous and excited feelings about what could be in our marriage. I also had a large amount of fear with being fully vulnerable with my story and where I was at. I had hopes of greater intimac

LAM Testimony: “God Has Breathed Life Back Into Me & My Wife”

“I came to this [Love After Marriage workshop] feeling that the obstacles and challenges in our marriage were beyond fixable. At best, I would have to suffer it out; at worst, we would separate. I felt hopeless to change things and had no vision for a better life. God has given me hope and vision

“Deeper Intimacy Is Possible” – Emotional and Physical Healing

“After seventeen years of marriage I still had a problem with feeling connected with my wife. After this week of seeing places that were wounded by me and before me in her, as well as seeing wounds I had from childhood – I never knew they would create such a problem in our marriage. I can say now

“Finding a New and Beautiful Love For One Another”

“Prior to starting LAM, I was not sure if my wife and I would remain married. I agreed to attend LAM but did not expect anything to change. LAM was immediately difficult and dove into the deep issues between us. Just after the first day I was attacked by thoughts of doubt, hostility, anger and un