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Believing God in the Face of Relational Difficulties

Most of us who call ourselves Christians want to be men and women of faith. Do we really understand what that means? Have we considered what it looks like and feels like to live by faith and not by sight?I certainly cannot put myself out as an example of faith for you to emulate, but I want to share

This Kind of Giving Can Harm Your Relationships

Does it often feel like you’re the one who gives more than the other person in your relationships? Does your attempt at giving look like putting the other person’s needs, wants and desires above your own? In your giving, do you eventually get to the place where you feel empty, drained, hurt and rese

Where Do You Get Your Identity?

If someone were to ask you – “From where do you get your sense of identity – your sense of security in who you are?” How would you answer them? What would you say? It’s an insightful question that many of us don’t take the time to think about in our busy day-to-day lives.God placed inside each one o

5 Times It’s Better NOT to Communicate in Your Relationships

Silence Used to Be GoldenThe generation of my parents placed a high value on “being strong” and dealing with problems internally rather than quickly talking and sharing with others when they are troubled. The “strong silent type” was a very attractive characteristic to that generation, especially i

The Key to Remaining at Peace & Overcoming Stress in Your Life

It is a common belief that we need to reduce stress in our lives in order to have a healthy, peaceful life. And yet at the same time, we are filled with admiration and awe as we view movies or read books recounting the exhilarating tales of heroes who overcame insurmountable obstacles in extremely s

How Trust Leads to a Fulfilling Life

Isn’t it exciting to think about living an adventurous and fulfilling life? This desire for adventure and fulfillment is core to all of us as humans – God designed it that way.For many of us, it’s exciting to think about living a life where you feel fully alive, full of purpose, and intimately conne

How to Balance the Priority of Relationship & Personal Preferences

When the right person comes along – a godly person that you can fully trust and relate to well, a person who is attractive to you, a person that you would be happy to have as the mother or father of your children – it is worth considering making adjustments to some of your temporary personal life pr

3 Habits Of Successful Couples: How To Cultivate Emotional Intimacy

When it comes to honesty in marriage, we often get the same general list of questions:Do you have to talk about everything?Is keeping secrets from your spouse ever okay?Are secrets always a hindrance to becoming “one” in your marriage?The issue of secrets in marriage is one of the more divided conve

Marriage On Its Last Leg

Wife: I came to LAM thinking this was our last hope. I came thinking it was just another marriage course. NOT THE CASE. I’m leaving with tremendous hope for our marriage! God has healed both of us so much. This is not the typical marriage course. We learned how to deal with things from our individua

Judgment: The Great Separator

I don’t know about you but it is easy for me to make subtle judgments in my heart about another person’s motives. Sometimes it is actually discernment working to give me wisdom and caution about another person, but discernment does not bring separation and division like judgment does.The other day,

Rules for Working Through Conflict Tool

We thought it would be helpful to highlight a NHM tool, as sometimes it can easily be forgotten to continue to apply “the tools” in our everyday life. Continually using the tools as a lifestyle will help you in all areas – spiritually, relationally and sexually.The tool we’d like to highlight is “Ru

Q & A: How Do I Not Look for “The One” All the Time?

Q: It’s my decision who I choose to marry and God isn’t doing that for me. So how do I not look for “the one” all the time, especially when I really have the desire to find my husband soon?A: The same way you make all other important decisions, you have to choose. You have to choose your job, what f

Are You in Love with the Idea of Love?

Are you living from emotional excitement in your relationship instead of a commitment that is based in reality?For those of us who have a strong desire to be in a relationship, sometimes we end up falling in love with the idea of love more than the actual person we are dating. We get so excited to b

Being Seen – The Result of Nothing Hidden

It’s time to let ourselves be seen – not the calm and collected facade we parade before our peers trying to convince ourselves we are good enough. It’s time for our true selves to be revealed – the messy, scared and weak versions of ourselves. The versions where we don’t always know the right answer

Kris & Kathy Vallotton, Bethel Church Senior Associate Leaders

“Barry and Lori Byrne have had an exceptionally positive impact on our culture here at Bethel Church. We have watched God use them to restore literally hundreds of marriages over the last several years. Their ministry is really unique. Their transparency is disarming, their passion is inspiring, and

Danny & Sheri Silk, Loving On Purpose

“Barry & Lori are some of the foremost marriage leaders of our day. The dramatic change in the lives of people they work with is consistently miraculous. These two create a level of intimacy, transparency, and vulnerability between couples who have been married for years that is surprising to even t

Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture

“Barry and Lori Byrne’s impact on marriages is undeniable. God has raised them up in this critical hour where it seems that all hope has been lost for marriages. Everywhere we turn it seems as though another marriage has failed, and yet I believe God is restoring hope for marriage. Within this book

Bill & Beni Johnson, Bethel Church Senior Leaders

“I am amazed by the wisdom that God has given to Barry and Lori. Their Love After Marriage materials have been extremely effective in bringing wholeness and healing to couples—actually, more than we have ever seen with any other materials or events. The impact on our own church family has been wonde

Eric & Candace Johnson, Bethel Redding Senior Leaders

“Barry and Lori have keys to bring healing, breakthrough, and restoration in marriages. Their vulnerability and transparency are disarming, while the truth that they walk in cuts right to the core. They have a message of a powerful God who is capable of redeeming all situations and relationships, re

Experiencing God’s Best For Me

“I had yet to find a ministry in the UK that cared about this “singleness issue!” When I read the workshop was for ages 17-70, I knew I was in the right place. A workshop to discuss intimacy and what may be hindering this. I never thought I’d be single at 45, but after doing this workshop, acknowled

Freedom From Lies

“God set me free from lies that have bound me and that held me back from walking into my destiny. He has shown me that indeed, the truth sets you free. Prior to this workshop, I had the desire to learn to be vulnerable, and I did exactly that here. I had the opportunity to practice being vulnerable