1. Talk about dreams and hopes and the goals needed to achieve them.

  2. Talk about your purpose and destiny as a couple in these last days.

  3. Talk about any recent spiritual insight you've received.

  4. Talk about revelation:
    • What the Lord’s speaking personally to you
    • What He’s speaking about you
    • What He’s speaking to you about your spouse

  5. Talk about something you're learning.

  6. Share one of your dreams; talk about the interpretation.

  7. Review and discuss prophetic words you both have received.

  8. Talk about kids/friends/family in a meaningful way: • Who are they?

    • What do they need?
    • How are they affecting you and you them?
    • What is God doing in them?
    • Discern how the enemy is coming against them.

  9. Talk about how you're feeling (good or bad); find your emotion on the "Feeling Words" chart and talk about it.

  10. How are you doing spiritually and emotionally?

  11. What are you appreciating about each other? How can you encourage your spouse?

  12. Pray together in a meaningful way.