Bless your spirit to lead your soul and body and connect with Holy Spirit as He leads you into all truth.

In the name of Jesus, I break the power of all ungodly spirit, soul and bodily ties forged between _________and me.

By the power of the cross, I send back to ________ all parts of him/her that he/she gave to me that never belonged to me.

And I take back from _________ all parts of me that I gave to him/her that never belonged to him/her.

Father, I ask you to set a guard over my spirit, soul and body to never again connect with ____________ in this ungodly way.

I nail to the cross the lie that joining with __________ in any of these ungodly ways was necessary, needed or wanted on my part.

I break all agreements I've made with this lie known or unknown and I turn away from joining with it.

Father, as you send this lie away from me, what is the truth about this situation you want me to know?