When you are leading someone through the Generational Prayer, have them repeat each line after you.

I place the cross of Jesus in my family bloodline (repeat)

And I sever all ties (repeat)

With this ungodly part of my natural heritage (repeat)

That has manifested (repeat)

(Name the things the Lord has shown you that have come against you.)


I claim the power of the cross (repeat)

All generations back and all generations forward (repeat)

To break the power of all the demonic spirits assigned to me (repeat)

To perpetuate this in my family line (repeat)


By the power of the cross (repeat)

In the name of Jesus Christ (repeat)

I command these demonic spirits and lies: (repeat)

Out of my life (repeat)

Out of my thoughts (repeat)

Out of my perceptions of myself and others (repeat)

Out of my feelings and emotions (repeat)

Out of my relationships (repeat)

Out of my ways of relating to others (repeat)

Away from my marriage or potential marriage (repeat)

Away from my children or potential children (repeat)

Out of my/our destiny and calling (repeat)

And completely out of my/our future (repeat)


I seal this in my spirit in the name of Jesus! 


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