Vows: Most of the time, these are made subconsciously and in reaction to times of hardship, fear, crisis, trauma, abuse, disappointment... (For example, someone might have said, “I will avoid disappointment at all cost.”) 

Curses: Destructive words that you or others have spoken over yourself. (For example, “I’m such a loser.”)

Use 1-2-3 Skidoo! tool or Generational Prayer to break vows and curses.


• I will never let myself need anyone.
• I will always have to be my own protector.
• I cannot trust women/men.
• I will never cry again.
• I will always make sure everyone is happy, no matter what it takes.

• You are such an idiot! / I'm such an idiot!
• You’ll never amount to anything. / I’ll never amount to anything.
• I wish you were more like your brother. / I should be more like my brother.
• You don’t have the intelligence to go to college. / I don't have the intelligence to go to college.
• Can’t you do anything right?! / I can’t do anything right!